Hydrophobia: Prophecy, or Drowning Simulator 2011



Have you ever wished you could shoot cultists on a sinking ship? Well, NOW YOU CAN! All kidding aside, you don’t get to kill anyone until you are about an hour into the game. But you DO get to collect random crap! I haven’t played the Xbox 360 version, but apparently this version is better. This was an impulse buy for me. It was US $0.49 on Steam, but I feel like I’ve gotten at least $10.00 worth of gameplay out of it. If you do play it, I suggest you use an Xbox 360 controller. I do have a few… issues with Hydrophobia: Prophecy, though. For one, The Hack Console mechanic. It’s a pain in the ass with the controller. I have shaky hands. You have to position the sticks into the correct position. One twitch of the thumb, you have to start all over again. It’s even worse when it’s timed. Also, another problem is the fact that some walls can burst open when you shoot them, unleashing a massive amount of water, flooding the room. I am quite trigger-happy. One room took me one hour to complete because I kept accidentally shooting it or the cultists shot it. The water is beautiful, though.


Bonus Point Breakdown:

      Water Appearance: 5 Points

      Rememberable Controls: 2 Points

      No Dubstep: 3 Points

+    OCD Activated: 7 Points

Final Score: 82/100

Buy this when it’s on sale.


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