Sleeping Dogs


sleeping_dogs_wallpaper_by_superlorelei-d5mxyvu (1)

In this game, you play as badass undercover cop Wei Shen on the streets of Hong Kong, trying to take down the Triads. And you have awesome martial arts skills. So that helps.

This game’s story is beautiful. The Wedding is an excellent example. I grew to love the main characters. My favorite was Jackie. But let’s not talk about that. The final mission (not including the DLC) is spectacular. It ends it on a hopeful note, while still leaving room for a sequel. There are a few bugs, but all games have a flaw or two. The first one happened only once, right after I beat the game and continued my save. A keyboard in my Central apartment stretched all the way across said apartment, and outside as well. But, it fixed itself after I rebooted the game. The second one is that whenever I turn around completely, there is one NPC that is in a T-pose (It looks like the Christ Air Special Trick in THPS) for a split second. Even after you’ve finished the game, there is still so much to do. There are races, lockboxes, cameras, drug busts, clothing, furniture, and cars to buy, health shrines, side quests, and you can replay all the past story missions as well. If you just wanted to throw briefcases at random, unsuspecting people, that’d be fine too.


Bonus Point Breakdown!

          83 Points          

          Has two free DLC items: 5 Points

          OCD Activated: 2 Points

+        Open World: 5 Points

95/100   Should you buy this game? YES.


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