Fistful of Frags


FoFreviewimageFistful of Frags is a game that is multiplayer-oriented. What I mean by this is that this is multiplayer only, unless you play against bots, the game mechanic for people with NO FRIENDS and people that want all the achievements. Seriously, you can get at least 80% of them fighting against bots. At some point, it seemed that the bots caught on and started swarming around. But it was all right because I used the script that only allows the bots to use their fists. Much grunting ensued. It was like a chain-smoking, whiskey-drinking(seriously, though, bottles of whiskey are the game’s health pickups) male pornstar that was trying too hard to make attractive noises. I could still use guns, of course, otherwise it wouldn’t be fun. I enjoyed using the throwing knives as well. The controls are…EEEEEEH. First off, there is no sprint button. The Xbox 360 controller can be used to move and aim, but they are switched, so you use the left stick to aim and the right stick to move. There is also no way to fire(may just be a problem with me). This is a first-person shooter. It’s as if you are an airline company and your company’s purpose is to fly people around, but your planes don’t have wings, they instead get fired from a massive cannon. Into an ocean of broken glass.

So it’s back to keyboard and mouse. Doesn’t matter, though. It’s a good game anyways.


Final Score: 62/100


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