Sniper Elite V2




Sniper Elite V2 is a cover-based snipy-type game where you kill Nazis. You also kill Russians that shoot at you for no apparent reason other than that you are there and boom boom bang kaboom. The controls are easy to remember if you use an Xbox 360 controller to play, as I do. A main function(what I mean by main is that they throw it at you every 5 seconds, probably because I turned the frequency of it happening to the highest setting, because it is so damn amazing) is bullet time. When the bullet finally hits the target, it switches into an x-ray mode that shows how you’ve ruined their internal organs. I found myself feeling a little bad for the Nazis, surprisingly. But then I remembered they were completely insane dickbiscuits. I REALLY felt bad when I killed the Russians. I mean the weapons I was using WERE made in Germany, and used by Nazis. They probably thought I was a Nazi. They were just there, doing their jobs, until my pompous quickscoping ass started picking off their mates and throwing small rocks at them. I destroyed tanks, and it only took 1 shot to the fuel tank cap for it to explode in a fireball of burning anti-semitic asscrumpets. I haven’t finished the game yet, but it is quite exquisite in all its glorious head-popping wonder. I also have tried to collect all the Nazi gold. I am aspiring to ruin all the vintage wine in Western Europe. Take that, connoisseurs!


Bonus Point nonsense:




Final Score: 82/100

Buy it if you want.



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