Monster Truck Destruction


What the absolute fuck is this shit?

Let’s start with first impressions.
The dev logo looks OK
but they probably got it off Fiverr, so no one cares.
How is the Australian government involved with this?
Wait. Where’s the main menu? Did I skip it somehow? no. There’s no main menu.

Well, to revise a quote from known internet goblin, gnome, and gremlin, Keemstar,
“Let’s get right into the refuse”.

Apparently, this game supports the organization Autism Speaks. That’s great, I guess, but I don’t think autism would want this game to speak for it. I mean, look at this game. It’s absolute garbage.
It’s so goddamn dark as well.

I did not change the settings. This is how dark the game is by default.
This is because they threw in EVERY VISUAL EFFECT EVER.
Turning off the effects completely makes it look like this.


But now the Exit button doesn’t work and I have to end the process manually through task manager. This is because once you change the graphics settings you have to restart, and the game DOES say it needs to restart to apply the changes to the settings. But it never does.
Just so you know, that back button in the bottom left is completely useless. It goes back one car in the car selection. Which is exactly the same thing the arrow does. So why does it exist? I have a theory. I think the devs decided to go with quantity over quality. Think about it. 5 million sponsors. The buttons that are redundant. The plethora of unnecessary graphical effects. 43 FUCKING TRUCKS. 24 FUCKING TRACKS.

The video settings are garbage at worst and unprofessional at best.
Full is not a resolution.
If you make PC games you should know what resolutions are.
That’s where the interesting bit comes in.

Now, you may be thinking, “Lan, you haven’t talked about the gameplay”.
The gameplay.
The handling is garbage and would ruin the game if it wasn’t already trash. This is probably to introduce artificial difficulty into the game.
I mean, it’s OK, (not worth buying, though) but that’s not surprising, because it’s A FUCKING MONSTER TRUCK GAME.
YOU CRASH INTO SHIT, DRIFT, and you also wonder why the combo time is so short.

I’ll tell you why. Because this used to be (and still is) an android game. A free Android game.
With In-App Purchases. Now since I don’t have an Android, I can’t tell you what they are. But, I CAN tell you the price range of said IAPs. $0.99 to $32.99. My guess is on the Android version, you buy the levels and ingame money with real money, since the combo time is so short, points are hard to get, and levels are difficult to beat. But, maybe, if you spend $30, you can get everything. But this is all just speculation, except for the bit about it being an Android game and the price range of the IAPs.
This also explains the overall low quality of the game, the bad handling (most likely originally touch controls), and the interface in general. The levels are not ordered very well and can go from, in one level, the points necessary to win, 510000 to 215000. They’ve left in the Premium Purchase bit on some of the vehicles in the shop and the Unlock Level button on levels that haven’t been reached yet. The devs don’t care. They got your money for a minimal effort port of a mobile game. Another example of devs having the “fuck you, got mine” mindset.
This is NOT a good game.
Also, devs, Steam users will drop you, like, well, your shitty game, if you attempt to censor criticism. Look at Day One: Garry’s Incident. You aren’t the first, and you certainly won’t be the last. It’s time to start damage control. Own up to your shit and issue an official public apology to ANYONE you threatened with legal action regarding their opinion on your game, maybe do a couple bug fixes, make a giveaway, I don’t know. Just stop being idiots and act like the adults you are supposed to be, instead of petty children.
You can’t censor me, you can’t sue me, I’m behind 7 proxies, and you’ll do nothing but cry.


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