Hydrophobia: Prophecy, or Drowning Simulator 2011



Have you ever wished you could shoot cultists on a sinking ship? Well, NOW YOU CAN! All kidding aside, you don’t get to kill anyone until you are about an hour into the game. But you DO get to collect random crap!  Continue reading




In My Non-Humble Opinion, Terraria is an excellent game. It has beautiful music, well done art, and it’s like Minecraft in a way. It has awesome weapons (the Unreal Shotgun is my personal favorite), an interesting group of NPCs, some rather strange items (such as a bucket that can be worn on your character’s head), suicidal bunnies, cool perks (Lycanthropy and Pet Bunny are the best), and flying eyeballs (all games would be better with flying eyeballs; I mean, look at this! You can’t tell me that’s not better!). Buy this game if you can.